Customer Care

Great service providers inform customers about what to expect and then exceed the promise. Not all customers want or deserve high levels of service, but they are entitled to what they have been promised, explicitly or implicitly .

The strategy of great service providers has a rather familiar ring. Almost all of these companies have taken the same three steps:

First, they segmented the market carefully and designed more core products and core services to meet the needs of the customer base. They realized that not all customers who bought the same product or service had the same service needs.

Second, they realized that only the customer knew what he or she wanted. Therefore, they researched the needs of the customer base thoroughly, both with formal programs and by paying close attention to what the customer was saying.

Third, they were careful to set the customer's expectations at the right level. They underpromised and overdelivered.

Providing good service is a towering challenge. There are many reasons business and professions fail in the endeavor, even when they have a perfect strategy. Without a focused service strategy, however, meeting the challenge becomes impossible.

Some of the sessions we run include:

  • Demanding Customers; The PERFECT way to approach Customer Service
  • Give E'm a Pickle
  • Relationship Building: "How to Keep your Customers for Life"
  • Sustainable Customer Service Strategy

Do you have a customer service strategy in place? We have a course to meet your needs. Contact us now.

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Six sigma is a philosophy of doing business with a focus on eliminating defects through fundamental process knowledge. Six sigma methods integrate principles of business, statistics and engineering to achieve tangible results.

Six sigma tools are used to improve the processes and products of a company. They are applicable across every discipline including: Production, Sales, Marketing, Design, Administration and Service.

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