You need to dig the well before you need the water. People invariably choose to do business with people they know and trust. "What you know is important. Who you know is even more important " Peter Cheales I have added "Who knows you" is the key to enormous success and wealth and will assist you in satisfying your own needs and those of your clients.

In this series we offer you ways to learn how to network which will ultimately lead to you increasing your competitive advantage and keeping your customers for life. Networking is a process that takes years of practice. We make use of videos, presentations and practical exercises.


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  • The power of relationship building
  • The ABC of networking
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N New Names

E Elevator Statement

T Trust, Thank You

W What do you do with who you know? What knows you well enough to get you what you want?

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R Respect / Reciprocate

K Kangaroo

I Information Technology,w.w.w.

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